Bad and Good news

Bad news, I kind of lost interest in this ask blog.

Good news, I’ve made a new ask blog ask-winter-family

Y’all can keep with me there.

What do you think Vincent will look like when he's older?

I am so sorry everyone…

I am so sorry everyone…

So, Alfred. From one Star Trek fan to another: Who's your favorite captain?

Pfft! Picard of course!!    ( V3V ) ~*

I apologize for the hiatus

I’ve been busy with other artwork, and haven’t had much motivation on this blog. I might come back to it in a bit, sorry…

Hey guys

So sorry for the lack of posts. Things have been pretty hectic. Yesterday was my birthday, and the day before, my old kitty Ginger passed away, and I was taking care of her for a couple of weeks, so things have been tough.

But I’m willing to do some asks. The message box is empty, and I’m still doing that magic!anon.

Sorry for the hiatus

Life is getting in the way. I’m ok though.

((Sorry for the wait!!))

((Sorry for the wait!!))

Finals week is coming up

Mun is busy studying. ^u^;